[ZDR 027] Satanic Warmaster - Luciferian Torches / CD

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Heralding the fateful, inescapable age of imperial darkness, SATANIC WARMASTER, the tyrant of Finnish Black Metal, proclaims an exclusive Zero Dimensional CD release of the trinity of 7-inch curses "Ondskapens Makt/Forgotten Graves", "Winter's Hunger/Torches" and "In Eternal Fire/Ghost Wolves" now bound together under the title “Luciferian Torches”, entwined with unreleased material from the same sessions. These noble, yet unholy laments present SATANIC WARMASTER at his rawest and most impulsive, yet with elegiac melodies summoning forth memories of the past unknown existences of his master, and the conjured demons, captured with a tape recorder according to the ritual tradition of ancient Black Metal. No luxury, but sorrow - no posture, but essence.