[ZDR 038] Insanity of Slaughter - 1998-2000 / 2CD

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Revival to Counterattack of the Obscure Japanese Black Metal!!!
The Band of a legend which has disappeared achieved revival of miracle . This album includes All Demos, Live Tracks and Rare Rehearsal Tracks. We're never supposed to forget this Great Black Metal Band Eternally. The name is INSANITY OF SLAUGHTER!

also I find to mistake of Track List. Disc-2 : track 10 "An Introductory Chapter" correct. Mistake ver is "A Black Mist of Hatred". ZDR were already distributed to 73 copy's.

Demo #1
01. Corruption of the Zenith
02. To Survive
03. Justice was Slaughtered
04. Sudden Death
05. Evil Dead (Death Cover)

Demo #2
06. Under the Control of God
07. The Beauty of Darkness
08. Justice was Slaughtered

Demo #3
09. A Black Mist of Hatred
10. Necromancer
11. Embracement of Eternal Dark
12. Under the Control of God
13. The Beauty of Darkness
14. Black Despair

Demo #4
01. A Black Mist of Hatred
02. Embracement of Eternal Dark

Demo #5
03. Be at a loss
04. Spoiled by Sickness
05. A Black Mist of Hatred
06. An Introductory Chapter
07. Despair

Rehearsal 2000
08. Be at a loss
09. Spoiled by Sickness
10. An Introductory Chapter
11. Despair

Split 1999 Live in Tokyo
12. Embracement of Eternal Dark
13. The Beauty of Darkness
14. Black Magic (Slayer Cover)
15. Black Despair